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at the service of entertainment

We create for you the adventure facility
that the 21st century deserves

We are specialized in the design,

construction and maintenance of:


Es una atracción disponible durante todas las estaciones del año que puede ser utilizado para inventar actividades emocionantes, inolvidables y rentables.

What we offer you?

In active leisure industry

everything is based on achieving reliable and long-term partnerships with professional, qualified providers with years of experience.


tells you

otherwise lies.

· They will sell you the idea of building infrastructure at the lowest price.
· You will receive installations that look like crude imitations of the competition.
· You will waste time, energy and money in creating facilities that without proper maintenance will cause the loss of user interest and the closure of your business.

And we ask ourselves:

Why do you want to invest your money without making sure you have allies that will not disappoint your expectations?

Although there are many suppliers of services and products,
not all have the professional capabilities
and the human team that you need.

Remember, often cheap is expensive.

If you want your business

to stand out and be profitable

you must walk on safety ground. To do this, you need people who connect with your specific needs, guide & accompany you in your business.

Our products & projects:


I'm Miguel Martínez


I have 20 years of experience in the active leisure sector and more than 30 in adventure sports.

I have designed and built infrastructures for leading brands in the sector. In Spain, I was a Partner-Founder and Production Manager of Vertikalist for more than 10 years, a company that started from zero and managed to consolidate in the Spanish market, also expanding to Latin American and Arabic.

I became independent & I found New-Ape, a young company with a veteran team focused on innovation applied to active leisure.

The people say of me that I am passionate about the heights, but with my feet on the ground. I am clear that my personal and professional experience and the active leisure infrastructures that I have designed and build are my best cover letter.

We are pleased to help

entrepreneurs and investors to differentiate themselves from theirs competition and to multiply their sales thanks to the couple Quality + Innovation in the design, construction and maintenance of active leisure infrastructures.

If you allow us to help you:

New Ape has
engineers, architects, designers and specialized builders

dedicated only to what we're really good at.

We are professionals 100% focused on this industry for more than 20 years.

We are part of the Registry
of Accredited Companies (calls REA in Spain),

we have capabilities and accreditations of a construction company. And we also know and offer the most innovative technology of active leisure sector.

All facilities that we build are certified according to regulations in force.

We like to do things right from beginning and we are committed to long-term partnerships with our clients.

We are guided by the belief that with solid and reliable alliances we all win.
Getting active leisure facilities that stand out in market should not be difficult and it isn't.

It will be a pleasure to help you in this adventure

and you will receive a free catalog of CLiC-iT®.

These smart carabiners are revolutionizing active leisure in terms of user safety and we are the exclusive representatives in Spain.