Suspended Nets Parks are spaces and recreational routes in height suitable for all types of public and of all ages.

They are made up of giant cloths of colored nets that, lying and fixed between trees or artificial supports, create surfaces on which users can walk, jump and climb.

They are made of polypropylene or polyamide (nylon) and the installation can be raised from 2m high to more than 12m.

Because suspended nets are a security system by themselves, users can move autonomously, freely and without being tied to anything or using harnesses.

This reduces operating costs and makes suspended nets parks a more profitable option compared to traditional adventure parks.

The perimeter of each activity (halls) is limited by walls of vertical suspended nets and connections between rooms is made with corridors of colored nets.

Halls can include interactive activities such as jumping nets, rope bridges, tibetan bridges, vertical mazes, zip lines, ball pools, etc...

In controlled environments

(indoors) the longevity of suspended nets can be extended if users wear socks instead of footwear.





These parks can have a useful life of approximately five years in outdoors, exposed to sun and rain.

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