Multiadventure Hub is an installation that brings together different types of adventure and active leisure activities in a single structure.

The standard design is made up of fun walls (ROKO PARK®), suspension bridges within an adventure circuit, obstacle zones, balance practice areas, ziplines, suspended net rooms, aerial labyrinths and, as the main attraction: a spiral zipline.

Activities and games have groundbreaking designs and safety systems are the latest technology in active leisure sector, continuous lifeline and intelligent CLiC-iT® carabiners.

The Hub is operated with a minimum of technical supervision personnel and activities are carried out in parallel, so its design increases the number of participants and the profitability.

The star attraction is the Roller Zipline, the only spiral zipline in Spain.

This Hub is the evolution of active leisure offers that we have observed and studied in different countries during last 20 years.

We design it after analyzing preferences of the national and foreign public.

The activities consist

in height challenges that require progression and overcoming obstacles.

Users overcome difficulties of different levels while practicing their physical, psychological and emotional abilities in a safe environment with supervision of trained personnel.





The users of a Multiadventure Hub practice and develop these following skills: concentration, decision making, control and psychomotor experimentation of body itself.

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Be a pioneer. In recent years there has been a boom in active leisure offers in shopping centers in large cities around the world. Now is a ideal time to replicate that trend in Spain and invest in urban active leisure.

It is a structure with hexagonal base with 200 mm diameter pillars and an inner metal structure from which we fix fun walls and intermediate platforms until reaching the top of the structure. In this upper part there is a larger hat-shaped one in which adventure activities at height are installed. We like that each Multiadventure Hub was unrepeatable.

The height of interior platforms is 2.5 m and 6.0 m high. Games are about 9m high and fun walls about 8m high. The points of departure and arrival of each game incorporate a small platform on pillars about 60 cm from the bottom structure of the mushroom.

Structural solutions are adapted to the place available to take full advantage of spaces and functionality of games. Thus, the maximum possible economic performance of the Multiadventure Hub can be obtained with greatest security for users.

We work closely with each client during design phase, listening and considering their needs and expectations. For definition of games and support structures as a whole, we rely on our experience as designers and builders to create, together with the client, a Multiadventure Hub unique in its style.

Once the design is clear, we will build it with our team of professionals who have extensive experience. Additionally we will offer you our support for maintenance and control of Multiadventure Hub, so you make sure that passage of time is not noticed and continues to function as first day and safely

We use the most innovative security systems in active leisure sector worldwide. We use CLiC-iT® smart carabiners in the adventure park, automatic securing systems in fun walls and we build roller ziplines with a continuous lifeline.
We are exclusive distributors of CLiC-iT® for Spain. On this page you can read more about these products.

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