About Us

We design and build active leisure infrastructures with a high content of engineering and innovation.

Through optimized processes we create products that do not look like standards. We are here to help you be the owner of an unusual facility that will skyrocket your profits. Because what counts is capturing the interest of users in your business and maintaining it over time.

We love the facilities

innovative, aesthetically and functionally stunning.
We can't help it.

That is why we improve existing products in the active leisure sector or develop new ones from scratch. We adapt different construction technologies and materials to the characteristics of the terrain or physical space that our clients have.

Our clients

New Ape

Miguel M. Mirosznizenko

He is Founder and CEO of New Ape

He was a Founding Partner of the company Vertikalist, Director of production and designer (2007-2017)


We are excited by customers eager to innovate

because we have in common the adventurous spirit.

We usually explore all the possibilities of each new project, without considering a priori that the solutions are feasible or viable. Later comes the phase of landing ideas and asking ourselves
Can we materialize them?

We are daring

but not reckless.

We resemble the explorers of old who liked experimentation and controlled risk. And also to the explorers of the 21st century who test new technologies before they hit the market.

Because you will agree, why do "the same as always" if we can create parks that leave users with their mouths open?

User safety doesn't have to be boring. Every little detail of our facilities has been designed to create a feeling of wonder, freedom and enjoyment.

We build active leisure activities that help users to rescue the instincts that urban life is slowly turning off.

Thus was born New Ape,
the name of our brand.

The new ape

it's a human

that values his instinctual side and puts him at the service of humanity and not against it. We believe that recovering instincts connects people with Nature. And it is precisely that connection that will allow our species to learn to take better care of planet Earth.

The environmental protection

It is one of the reasons why we build durable infrastructures and encourage the responsible use of resources among our clients.

We also support the circular economy and are committed to materials and processes that minimize the excessive use of energy and other renewable and non-renewable resources.

Thanks for reading and for your interest in getting to know us.
If you have any doubts or questions.

We will respond to you in 48 hours and if we can we will do it sooner, thank you.