Parks on artificial supports

The most effective indicators that an adventure park on artificial supports requires maintenance are: the presence of rust, the movement or fall of nuts and bolts, asymmetric bridges, the movement of parts that used to be fixed or the deformation and inclination of the same.


Have you detected these maintenance problems in your park?

The maintenance of your adventure park is not a luxury that can be postponed, it is a necessity and a strategic decision.

If you take care of the facilities in an optimal way, you ensure the satisfaction of your customers and then they themselves will ensure the success of your business.

Your clients want to have the best possible experience when they visit your adventure park. They quickly notice whether or not you are taking care of the maintenance of the facilities and the security equipment.

Satisfied customers leave positive reviews on digital platforms and social networks generating more customers. It is the word of mouth of the 21st century.

We would like to help you to carry out the maintenance tasks of your park in an effective, efficient and profitable way.

The New Ape team, after 20 years of experience in the active leisure sector, has developed a methodology to better plan the maintenance of your park.

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of maintenance

  • Deterioration of the paint or protective coating of the structures.
  • Adverse weather conditions during the closing hours of the facilities.
  • Settlement of the land on the support bases. Pylons or structures that have lost their verticality or show changes in inclination. Subsidence of the earth near the shoe.
  • Exceeding the capacity limitations of the park games and the correct ways to use them.
  • Acts of vandalism that, by not being detected in time, increase the risk of accidents for users.
  • Textiles and nets are functionally and aesthetically deteriorated. They have started to dry out and lose their flexibility and strength properties or have already lost them.
  • The plastic parts of the games are breaking or are broken. The junction points of the plastic parts with the textiles are also being unstitched.
  • Wood elements are worn, cracked, have changed their original color or are broken.
  • Platforms show movement or are uneven.
  • Safety equipment has loose threads, looks old and discolored.
  • Your park begins to look run down, neglected or old. Users have started to complain about the state of the facilities.
  • User visits are decreasing.
  • Users are leaving bad opinions on social networks, on your website or on other digital platforms.
  • The good reputation of your park is suffering.

The 6 steps

of our methodology to

fine-tune your park

1) We will carry out a 1st inspection visit to your park to assess the state of maintenance of the infrastructures and facilities.

2) We will give you a performance report that summarizes the maintenance problems of your park and how to correct them.

3) We will train the staff of the park so that you can, next time, carry out the inspection yourself and save yourself the fees of a specialist.

4) We will give you the park maintenance protocol in writing and a detailed and fillable control sheet.

5) We will correct any problem whatsoever. detected in your park to get it ready.

6) You will enter our monitoring program for adventure parks on artificial supports , which will allow you to carry out maintenance tasks preventive and not just corrective. This way you can plan long-term maintenance and avoid unnecessary repairs and expenses.

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