Alceda Aventura

Cantabria, Spain

Our adventure park is in a botanical garden with redwoods, cedars and firs, located on the banks of the Pas river in Alceda. It consists of a climbing wall, 4 adventure circuits, 3 high altitude routes and one for children, 3 mini-circuits for practices and more than 65 activities on an area of 4 hectares.

It is one of the parks of Spain's largest forest adventure built on trees of great size and beauty.

Miguel M. Mirosznizenko, CEO of New Ape, designed this park and carried out production management with his former company Vertikalist.

Currently New Ape is a partner of Alceda Aventura and we take care of the management, maintenance, improvements and expansion of the park. We also manage the cafeteria-bar and the renting of bicycles and eco-triques.

The reopening is on June 15, 2020.


Forest Adventure Park in large old trees.

Year of construction
Capacity (people per day)

Design and Production Management (Vertikalist):

Miguel M. Mirosznizenko