Fun walls are artificial installations in form of a vertical wall equipped with dams and scalable volumes through which users can ascend to the top of the wall.

ROKO PARK® is our brand of fun walls. Our fun walls offer a recreational climbing experience that combines physical challenges and exercise with play.

We customize fun walls with a wide variety of colors, shapes and textures, using lacquered paintings or high strength vinyl with attractive designs.

It is also possible to incorporate three-dimensional shapes and volumes attached to the wall along with custom climbing dams.

Fun walls offer a wide variety of challenges to users that why always have new goals to achieve, so they easily become recurring customers.

An expanding fashion that is generating a high profit margin for its owners.

Adrenaline discharges
in a safe environment.

Fun walls

allow to a general public practice climbing and do so in a safe, attractive and profitable way for owners.

They can be installed in shopping centers, active leisure centers, public playgrounds, motorway rest areas, skating rinks, hotels, golf courses, sports centers, gyms, team building centers, etc...

Users are secured by an automatic retractable system that hooks to harness before starting to climb. This offers a complementary guarantee to users and confidence to park´s owners.





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They are built on a self-supporting metal structure. The surface of fun walls is made of laminated wood treated for outdoor or indoor use and has a high strength vinyl coating. Dams and climbing volumes are made with resin or laminated wood with the same vinyl coating.

On a flat surface and in any place that has sufficient height, minimum 2.5 m.

Users are secured by an automatic retractable system that is secured to a harness before starting to climb. We work with Perfect Descent climbing system, the only one approved for speed competitions in professional climbing and works both outdoors and in roofed installations.

Climbing is an activity that exercises and develops psychomotor abilities, develops balance, coordination, agility, strength and courage in an instinctive way. It also enhances attitudes of conscience and responsibility, promotes self-control, ability to concentrate & develops taste and habit for sports.

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