Aventura Parks

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Adventure park located in a sensitive, isolated and protected ecosystem of Mushrif Park. It has 5 adventure circuits with zip lines up to 180 m. and 5 challenges of High Ropes and Team Building on a desert terrain of 35,000 m 2 .

It was built on pilings and deep micropiles to cement 75 steel posts up to 12 m. height and between 1,000 and 2,500 kg of weight.

It is one of the largest adventure parks in the world on artificial supports and the first adventure center in the United Arab Emirates.

The design & production management of this park were carried out by Miguel M. Mirosznizenko for Vertikalist.


Adventure park on artificial supports in the dunes of the Mushriff Park.

Year of construction
Capacity (people per day)

‏Design & Production Management (Vertikalist):

Miguel M. Mirosznizenko