CLiC-iT® is a unique

and revolutionary safety system that avoids the risk of simultaneous disengagement during vertical or horizontal progression in active leisure activities at heights.

It was invented and patented in France and New Ape distributes this product exclusively for all of Spain.

We are the official representatives of the brand.

The adventure parks that use CLiC-iT® are earning more money year after year by reducing their operating and personnel expenses. That's why we offer you the best for your facilities: safety, durability, ease of use and unbeatable customer service.

Update your business with a zero installation cost.

More than 5 million users have already relied on CLiC-iT® smart carabiners around the world.

It is such a simple system that even a 4 year old feels safe using it.

How does CLiC-iT® work?

CLiC-iT® is a patented security system with two communication connectors.

The connectors are synchronized so that when one connector is opened, the other is automatically blocked. This technology poses an additional level of security. At least one connector is always blocked, which avoids the risk of accidental detachment of the safety cable. This recreational product has magnetic detection to ensure that only the appropriate safety cables are used.


A proven mechanism

At the heart of CLiC-iT® is a simple and reliable mechanism that has paved the way for an innovative continuous assurance product.

Uses unique patented innovations:


Designed to last

CLiC-iT® has proven to be exceptionally durable and reliable. This is partly due to the well-designed mechanism, but also to the right choice of materials and technologies: stainless steel, copper and aluminum alloys, forged aluminum, fiberglass-bound polyamide and Dyneema® / Spectra® slings.
All components can be easily replaced to further maximize the life cycle of the product.

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