Roller zipline, our flagship product, is a fusion between a zip line and a roller coaster.

Users, suspended in a car using a harness, take a tour on a spiral zipline.

During descent they sit comfortably and can enjoy the adrenaline rush and the aerial views.

Roller zipline can be built in urban environments such as shopping centers or in forests and natural environments using trees or artificial supports.

It can be part of a set of attractions/activities or as an independent and uniquely designed air ride.

Each experience is unique because it depends on the weight and position of each user or the position in each use of the zipline by a same user.

This activity belongs to a new generation of adventure attractions characterized by a high ecological and innovation component.

Roller zipline works by gravity, does not require electrical energy.

Roller zipline

was designed for experience sensations of seeing surroundings from above. Such an endearing experience is not possible without a zipline.

When it builts in a forest area, offers an immersive experience of zigzagging among trees in nature.

Users enjoy a feeling of adrenaline similar to air travel in a safe, controlled and fun environment.





Roller zipline is a ideal product to expand the range of leisure center activities and generate more income or revitalize and renovate existing facilities.

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