Ninja Circuits are obstacle courses designed to test the agility of users' hands and legs, as well as their speed, balance, coordination, endurance and strength.

To increase the adrenaline, timers are installed in the circuits and users are challenged to compete against the clock and see who has the best time.

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These circuits, of American origin, are now in fashion in Europe. Its biggest audience is teenagers who want to exercise in a fun environment that challenges their expanding physical abilities.

Ninja Hexia , in turn, is a concept from the Akrobat brand that combines the best of Ninja circuits with their trampoline parks , all in one.

The particularity is that the structure is made up of hexagonal modules, distinguishing itself from rectangular modules or most typical squares in the active leisure market.

The Ninja and Ninja Hexia circuits offer users the perfect setting to test their athletic, improvisational and dexterity capacities and its speed to go from the beginning to the end of the circuit.

Ninja circuits allow users to train, compete and relax in a fun, healthy and safe environment.

Ninja Hexia's hexagonal design is unique because it is patented.

Ninja circuits

They are ideal for sports centers, clubs, climbing centers, gyms and trampoline parks.

The number and design of the course obstacles depends on the required capacity of the park, the size and characteristics of the physical area where it will be built and the budget.

Akrobat's Ninja Hexia concept has 22 different modules between obstacles of the ninja circuits and activities with trampolines, which provides the opportunity to create a truly unique active leisure offer.





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