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The main advantage of a trampoline park is that it is suitable for all ages, allowing the whole family to enjoy the same activity and join in the fun and energetic atmosphere of the jump.

Akrobat is one of the leading European manufacturers of trampolines and trampoline parks.

The modular structure and the quality of execution of its innovative design allows you to mix and match different attractions and ensures that you can replace or adapt segments of the park without major complications.

We have a wide selection of materials, colors and modules, with customizable surfaces using printed graphics, so the result is truly unique parks adaptable to your brand.

We take advantage of every corner of the physical space available. We complement the trampoline park with other adventure games such as zip lines, rope courses, trapeze jumps or ramps to make the most of the spaces.

The most prominent modules of Akrobat are the Ninja circuits, the hexagonal trampolines Hexia, the parkour of trampolines and the airbag.

An opportunity for investors who want to turn an indoor or outdoor space into an exciting attraction for family entertainment.

We update existing facilities and make them more modern, attractive and profitable.

Trampoline parks

are part of an extremely dynamic business sector, which is expanding through technological development and the creation of innovations.

The most refined offer of active leisure always arouses more interest in users and is therefore more profitable. The passion for jumping goes hand in hand with the attraction for novelty and also with the popularity of competitions and overcoming increasingly difficult challenges.

Your business will also benefit from the irreversible trend towards a healthy lifestyle that is gaining adherents exponentially. Most of these consumers are looking for new ways to move their body and have fun doing it. You can offer them.





Akrobat logo_2020_white

Why are trampoline parks so popular?

They improve the health of all family members.

They promote an active lifestyle and health prevention. Trampoline use helps build stronger bones and joints, helps shape body shape, and improves motor skills.

Trampoline parks are becoming increasingly attractive to women. families because they combine health and fun . Nowadays we can find them in the main cities and they are increasingly popular because they offer numerous attractive activities for large groups of people.

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