Adventure parks are active leisure facilities and infrastructures with interactive activities.

They are made up of adventure circuits with ziplines, suspension bridges, obstacle areas, climbing fun walls, areas for balance practice, suspended net rooms and aerial labyrinths.

In New Ape we like to design them to measure according to the characteristics of the physical space, which we seek to get the most out of. We use innovation and creativity in the design of the park without losing sight of the client's budget, user safety and desired level of difficulty of games.

We offer the best quality materials (contents, finishes and details) of current market. From beginning of each project we project growth of park in stages and its possible expansion.

༄ Our newest products for indoor & outdoor adventure parks are Multiadventure Hub, Roller Zipline, Suspended Nets Parks and Fun Walls. Read more About Us
Miguel M. Mirosznizenko, CEO of New Ape , was Founding Partner and Production Manager of Vertikalist.

Vertikalist has used both trees as supports for parks ( Alceda Aventura , VinuesAventura ) as artificial steel structures or pylons ( Adventure Parks , Siam Mall ).

The biggest project that New Ape has done so far is the MultiAdventura Hub located in Vidanova Park.

Safety of users

of our adventure parks

is guaranteed by smart carabiners of CLiC-iT, of which we are exclusive distributors for Spain. Its innovative design was awarded the 2018 label by Observeur du Design, the most important design award in France.

Our goal is to offer you a groundbreaking adventure park with innovative contents, materials and finishes that is unmarked from competition.

We can also update the facilities that you already have and update your business in terms of security, regulations, technology or user experience. Ask us.

Our adventure


  • Ideal for use of forest areas.
  • Users have opportunity to take an aerial walk above trees.
  • Users will not have set times to finish tour; each participant will adapt rhythm to their physical conditions.
  • Users will enjoy stimuli through five senses and close contact with Nature.
  • If there are no trees suitable for supporting installations, we installed galvanized steel totems to perform a same support function. Thus one or several ziplines of different lengths can be added.
  • Access to circuits is through a retractable ladder to prevent accessibility outside park’s hours of use, thus avoiding possible accidents or cases of vandalism.
  • We can carry out phytosanitary studies of trees and certification of your park according to EN 15567.
  • Ideal for closed urban spaces (warehouses, sports centers, gyms, etc.) or open (terraces, parking lots, passageways).
  • Prior to park´s design, our engineers will conduct a topographic study of land or covered space.
  • Park can have a tour for each type of audience (for example: one for children, another for adults and another for groups).
  • One or more ziplines of different lengths can be added.
  • During tour, participants will have to overcome different challenges that are found along the way, if they do not overcome them they will not be able to move forward.
  • It is convenient to enable a practice area, where users can practice necessary maneuvers before starting the circuit, a monitor will explain everything they need to know.
  • Ideal for unused aerial spaces.
  • It is portable, expandable and more cost effective.
  • Cost of project is reduced because we can take advantage of building´s structure as a base.
  • Innovative, out of the ordinary and exclusive.
  • Being suspended, the floor space can be used with any other activity, such as: a fun themed climbing wall.
  • When you are inside an indoor space, it will generate benefits every day of the year, since you do not depend on external weather factors.
  • Ideal to take advantage of spaces that have no use and therefore are not profitable within existing facilities or infrastructure such as clubs, sports centers or gyms.
  • They are easy to assemble and disassemble, so it will not be necessary that the park area is closed for a long time for assembly.
  • Designed for the public from 3 to 15 years approximately.
  • It is a very adaptable park in terms of design. We can build it following your particular requests.
  • Aimed primarily at a family audience.
  • The tour can be done individually, with a group or in two groups competing with each other.
  • It brings innovation and curiosity to a space that has other purposes such as a gym.
  • Children can remain in charge of the monitors performing the circuit while adults are engaged in other activities.

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